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Untuk kalian yang masih bingung men design tampilan table di php / html, ini ada beberapa referensi css untuk mengatur design table di php.
Silahkan di coba satu per satu, jikalau ada yg cocok dengan selera kalian, silahkan di copy ke project kalian ajah...
Jangan lupa komentarnya yah :p

Table designs
Design NameAuthorCountryCommentDownload
Total67 designs
rows table templateOmar '0m4r' AdobatiItalySimple, clean and a quite classic table template :)Download
Blue DreamTeylor FelizUSABeautiful combination of Blue and Brown.Download
Web20 TableNetway Media WebdesignGermanyNice, very simple and clean style with a gradient.Download
TagBoxTagBoxDeutschlandTable design based on the fresh TagBox style.Download
Maniac MerchantsMarten WillbergGermanyA Georgia headline with a green-blue body.Download
Acuity Design StyleAcuity Internet MarketingBrazilBlack Style, with smooth grey and green elements.Download
Smooth TasteThomas OppGermanySmooth style with my favourite colours. Enjoy!Download
Sky is no heavenMichael SchmiedingGermanyMy new Design colors.Download
Foggy CountryStraussennestSouth AfricaFoggy Country - Green Trees planted on brown sugared ground.Download
Blue gradientMihalcea RomeoRomaniaNice table design based on a very subtile blue gradient.Download
desertMarc BodonGermanybrown, red, grey and white... simply smooth ;-)Download
orange and greyChristoph PlessnerGermanyDownload
REDandBLACKMartin PaffenholzGermanyStyle like our website. Best viewed in Mozilla Firefox.Download
The OCRodolfo MarinChileTable based in the color table from one of my latest design, overclockers.clDownload
blue like iceErik GinnerskovDenmarkNice and clean. No fancy stuff.Download
Dark NightMichael SchmiedinggermanyThat's my design with my favorite colors. I hope you like it.Download
mediagroovemayumi takamiJapani like this type of design.Download
chives' tableschivesGermanyClean and spicy design from chives-teamDownload
table red-whiteJensGermanyInspired by the original 'Assischale' and dedicated to 'Kollesche' ;-) Best wishes to everybody!Download
CandyStefan BihlGermanyHi, I hope this CSS File is not to pink ;-)

Regards Stefan
BlueNewton de Góes HortaBrasilMinimalist design in blueDownload
AzulonJoorge EpunanChileJust playing with the ccode. I like the blue, and how it combines with other elements Looks pretty nice.Download
CasablancaRodrigo Castilho Galvao FerreiraBrazilInspired by Casablanca Web Standards Template existing in Template Design Competition, WESTCIV.Download
Blix ThemeNewton de G—es HortaBrasilTable design based on Sebastian Schmieg's Blix Theme for Wordpress 2.0. Icons by Kevin PottsDownload
Poetry For BrowserMonika Thon-SounAustriaCode is Poetry.
Internet Explorer you can't show us arrows and hover effects.
You can't show us correct borders.
It looks like that you can't understand poetry.
Don't be jealous of browsers. It is simply:Learn to be a browser and
everything is going to be alright.
Pretty In PinkViktor PerssonSwedenSmooth, pretty and pink. Best viewed in Mozilla Firefox.Download
Two times tableStu NichollsEnglandA very basic table for all Internet Explorer users but something VERY different for understanding browsers :o
Hope you like it.
bluishStefan HerzigGermanyBlue style with a hint of AmigaDownload
pop.pop.starTimo WirthGermanyInspired by Andy Warhol, this bold and simple table emphasizes the table rows (rather than the columns).Download
Tabular tablesStu NichollsEnglandA simple table using a little border art for mouseovers.Download
Sea GlassStephanie LearyUSSubtle and green.Download
Orange BrownieCody LindleyUSNice idea, the site that is.Download
BlaugranaChoan C. G‡lvezSpainAlternating row and link colors. Enhancements (hover, image replacement) for modern browsers.Download
Shades of BlueVelizar GarvalovBulgariaSimple blue design with some :hover effectsDownload
Gmail scrollingMauricio Samy SilvaBrazilA look-alike theme with fixed height for the table container DIV and vertical scroll bar. There is an :hover behavior on caption background image.Download
Shades of PurpleDemetrius FrancisBahamasBasic styles with a purple scheme.Download
Turkish DelightPaul BrownsmithUKRaspberry shades with chocolate rollovers for compliant browsers. Clean, clear and choco-sweet.Download
Grayed OutTerence OrdonaUSA simple look and feel that improves with the quality of your browser's CSS support. Shows possible use of a la Excel styling.Download
NimbupaniDivyaSingaporeA minimalist style that explores the relative weights of the lines that differentiates one element from the other. The same design elements has also been used on this site http://jflickruploader.blogspot.comDownload
Trekkish VioletsPatryk ZawadzkiPolandWell... a bit trekkish I guess (but not really inspired by holodeck). Blues and violets here and there. Looks best when viewed in Firefox.Download
Golden styleMichael HornGermanyGolden coloured style, with hover effects in modern browsers (Firefox, Opera).Download
Oranges In The SkyKrasimir MakaveevBulgariaJust a simple table design with orange and blue links!Download
RockstarJens WedinSwedenSimple classic design with advanced stuff for standard compliant browsers.Download
GreyscaleTwo Plus FourUKMinimalist design in black, white and shades of grey. Resizeable text and CCS2 enhancements for those that know.Download
Coffee with milkRoger JohanssonSwedenClean, no-nonsense design with a latte-ish colour palette. Some extra design features in modern browsers.Download
Clean and crispMats LindbladSwedenClean and Crips table style, with a little MS feel to it. Although it works best in Firefox.Download
Winter BluesGunta KlavinaLatviaBlue pastel coloured style.Download
Green LifeVitaly FriedmanGermanyA Fresh, Warm and Readable TableDownload
iTunesJohn LawrenceUKTable design based on Apple's iTunes software.Download
MintGreenTaimar TeetlokEstoniaWarm and friendly mint-green presentation.Download
Heaven is CloserNiko NeugebauerPortugalA simple style that improves with the quality of your browser's CSS supportDownload
CygentaTim BakerCanadaMonospaced with a painful palette.Download
Spread Firefox!Thierry KoblentzUSABest experience in Firefox!
MutedDan ChampionScotlandGrey and beige, clean and simple. Minimal use of CSS2 fancy bits like :after and tr:hover.Download
Inset cellsMauricio Samy SilvaBrazilA table with inset cells and the use of adjacent-sibling selectors and border-spacing propertie for compliants browsers.Download
Lab ReportLouise DadeUKClear, simple and informative data display for a scientific paper. Includes a background image, download icon and a "faux alpha transparency" rollover effect (a tiny tile with every other pixel transparent). Fully commented CSS file.Download
Orange You GladRandy PetermanUSAThere is an image required for standards compliant browsers to get a 'bonus' download arrow for the download links.Download
10 minutesRichard GreversNew ZealandMinimalist, using separated borders and spacing with a four-colour pallette.Download
Spearmint tintsBen BoyleAUSSimple coloured style with a minty theme.Download
Table structureBen BoyleAUSContrasts headings and cells, displays heading scope and summary (where supported).Download
Alpha transparencyMauricio Samy SilvaBrazilSimulating alpha transparency with CSSDownload
Grey suits you sirStuart ColvilleUKSmart grey table with hover effect.Download
Cusco SkyBraulio AndrŽs Soncco PimentelPerœSoft blues like Cusco SkyDownload
Blue On BlueGlenn SlavenAUSA serif font table with a bit of colour to define the cells.Download
Chrome de la chromeChris HeilmannUKUsing gradient backgrounds to create chrome effectsDownload
MinimalistChris HeilmannUKAs minimal as you can get, only lines around the body cellsDownload
Plain old tableChris HeilmannUKTried and true, boring grey table with a one pixel lineDownload

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